Success Stories

At BTC I learnt to live again. I got there broken angry and depressed. I was treated with respect and understanding for who I am and in no time I started finding myself again. At BTC I experienced great patience and learnt the best way to live with learning a program that can practically be lived out after you leave BTC that truly works. BTC helped me get ME , my visions and dreams back.

Shelaine. L

Former Addict
BTC is the place that gave me life, a place that gave me hope, a place that gave me purpose. This place is like no other, were people showed my unconditional love. BTC is a place that thought me morals, values and respect not only for others, but for myself too. A place that thought me how to live life on life's terms. 
Today I don't only have dreams, but I also have vision, drive and determination. BTC is a place that thought me how to be a man and responsible members of society. BTC is not an ordinary place, it's a HOME for those who want a new way of life that works.

Sthelo. N

Former Addict
I walked into BTC a broken 30 year old, I had no hope, thinking the only way out would be suicide. From day 1 of my 90 days at BTC I began to recover, there was warmth, love and a common desperation to beat addiction. During my 90 day stay at BTC I admired the passion that Manny had, he gave us priceless advise and talks for hours on end. Its is now going on 4 years that I am clean and sober and I still hold BTC close to my heart. It is my temple, my safe haven... I found God there, I got my life back there. I love the spirit of recovery there and will always be going back, I am now living happy joyous and free in world filled with endless possibilities. Thank you BTC! 
Soldier for Life!

Yeshigan. D

Former Addict
Hi my name is Chantel and I am an addict. My experience at BTC has been the most amazing one.BTC has allowed me as a female to rebuild my life without drugs and alcohol. As a female walking into the rooms I thought I would feel judged but the amount of love I found there was indescribable. I was given a second chance at life again. The spirit of the meetings at BTC is so powerful that when I leave a meeting I feel so empowered and positive about where I am going with my life. When I find myself just a little depressed I know that when I walk through the gates of BTC my spirit and soul is uplifted by just spending time at the centre. I am now 2 years and 7 months clean and sober and I am extremely grateful to BTC and uncle Mannie for allowing me the chance at a better life not only for myself but for my children and family. Thank u BTC and Uncle Mannie. Much love to BTC. I am forever grateful.

Chantel. G

Former Addict
Hi my name is Gallant I'm 24years old and I am an Addict.
I arrived at the doors of BTC on the 11th of January 2018.
My experience at BTC was one of revelation and knowledge.
Before my arrival at BTC I was a useless, immature, self-centred drug addict that thought he knew everything that needs to be known of life.. But as they say in the rooms "the scales of prejudice were removed from my eyes"..
Today BTC has given me a brotherhood of man and women that support me in everything I do.
BTC has allowed me to express myself and to become humble in everything I do.
Today I'm just over a year clean and sober of all mind altering substances, not only that but because of BTC I'm clean of stealing, cheating, lying, manipulating and so much more because of the discipline BTC thought me.
My own new code is Love and Tolerance... That's what BTC thought me... How to love and tolerate people of all kinds..
BTC most importantly gave me my life back.

Gallant. R

Former Addict
I walked into BTC for the 2nd time in the 11 June 2016 ... Not knowing what to expect. After a month on the streets, sleeping in a toilet and eating the scraps from Bina, with no one and nothing left! Broken, Sad, Lonely, empty, angry and so sick and tired of life and the pain, humiliation and degradation. I walked into BTC and was welcomed with a warm hug from the Caretaker, a plate of food, a shower and bed and for the first time I knew that this is Home.
I went on to spend 6months in BTC where I learnt and was given the tools to live a good healthy, productive and recover centred life.
I learnt how to Love, Care , empathize and develop relationships with people I today call my Brothers. 
The invaluable life lessons that I learnt there have helped mould me into the productive upstanding and reliable person I am today and not just in my family but in my community I live in and the communities I once behaved like an animal.
For the first time in my life I felt hopeful because Uncle Mannie had hope in me and gave me a faith not only in this program and humanity but in myself.
I went on to spend 3 more in BTC as a ln Assistant Caretaker of the rehab and the patients at the time and in that learnt how to work with and take care of not only myself but of other too. 
With 3-5 meeting every single day and solid program for 90 days. Working the steps and reading the literature and getting the knowledge and tools required.
Today I would encourage anyone that I cross paths with to go to BTC because if it could work for a Useless, hopeless, helpless individual turn in to Useful, Helpful, hopeful Man that I am today.
Thank U Uncle Mannie and Thank U BTC


Marvin. A

Former Addict
My name is Mark and my  experience at BTC has been life changing not only from Drugs an alcohol but also from living a life as a lie. BTC offers life skills apart from the 12 step programme. These life skills has allowed me to live a life based on hard work , Respect , and in harmony with others. 
BTC not only saved my life but allowed my entire family to find the freedom they deserve. 
Thank you Mannie. You the Boss of Recovery.

Mark. S

Former Addict
I found that BTC  has an open door policy.
The owner Manny is always available to give support and advise whenever I faced challenges with my son.
I was given the opportunity to attend the night meetings and thanksgiving where I learnt about the pain and suffering of addicts and their families.
The NA programme is always explained and I learnt recovery becomes a lifestyle. 
I learnt to rebuild my physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual areas in my life.
I experienced immense respect, joy  and love from the patients and recovering addicts at BTC.
I learnt to experience my own journey of recovery and my son is on his own journey of recovery. 
I experienced the love of the fellowship and  the brotherhood at BTC.
I experienced how the patients learnt to love themselves first.

Goodie. P

BTC was the last house on the block that was willing to take in an addict like me, just being released from my last prison sentence my family wanted absolutely nothing to do with me and could definitely not trust me in there home's. By God's grace and mercy my eldest brother was not willing to give up and put his last little bit of hope in a place called BTC, I was on parole at the time I walked through those doors, only to be welcomed by the sort of man that I would never have expected to take me in, not in a thousand years, Uncle Manny sat in the meeting room of the centre and said 'Welcome Home Boy' I had never met or seen him but for some reason I felt that he meant what he said. I had no hope of a future and had lost all faith in myself and God, only by some miracle 'The kind of miracles that happen regularly on a daily basis at BTC' did I start to find purpose for what I had been through. I was introduced to the kind of recovery program that I believe no addict should ever be denied. The truth was told to me and the 12 step program drilled into me. Uncle Manny believed in me and encouraged me to give back by helping others just like me, so he hired me and I became the house manager. BTC Continued to do its magic and Uncle Manny continued to encourage me to dedicate my new life to helping the still suffering addict, Today almost 4 years later I'm completely drug and alcohol free, today I'm an addiction counsellor, a father, a partner, have my own home and dedicate to helping others that in turn helps me. Thank you Uncle Manny for believing in me when I couldn't believe in myself, thank you BTC for taking in a broken soul like me and mending my spirit again, BTC my birthplace my cathedral, I can never stop saying thank you.

Timothy. B

Former Addict
I found BTC extremely professional when dealing with addicts. They show love and acceptance. Very warm welcome. They are one big happy family. A home away from home. The Custodian Manny is a Father figure to them. A very understanding person. The rehab is clean. Fantastic intervention. I rate BTC as the best rehab. If you willing BTC is the place to be. I recommend this rehab to all Families


Dawn. O

My son was admitted to BTC on 3 January 2016, and 2 years later he is still clean and sober, thanks to Manny. Manny's passion for recovery makes his facility unique in comparison to others. A bond is formed with the addict and their loved ones and continues for as long as the addict remains in the fellowship and Manny continues to assist the recovering addict even after they leave the rehab. I will definitely recommend BTC to anyone who needs assistance with addiction.

Vino. G

Good day, my name is Darian and I am a drug addict and an alcoholic.
By the grace of God and His grace only, I walked into the rooms of BTC on the sixth of February 2017.
Lonely, hopeless, confused and very angry. But here I found brothers that cared, loved me and SHOWED me hoy to live. Our code is Love and Tolerance and that's exactly what I found. I finally felt at home. A sense of belonging unlike any other came upon me. God, the program and BTC saved my life.
 Thank you uncle Manny.

Darrian. D

Former Addict
BTC promises to love the addict until they love themselves enough to stop using. At first I didn't believe this but I am a witness to the unconditional love and support that the soldiers are shown. The program is unique and each individual is treated as an individual. I believe that Manny and BTC are God sent. When the rest of the world judged and would not help me with my drug addict son BTC opened their doors. I thank God everyday for Mannie and BTC. The love, patience, guidance and support he gives not only to the patient but the parents as well is remarkable. I  will recommend BTC to anyone who needs help with addiction.

Nicolene. P

At BTC  I experienced there is one valuable thing in life which turned strangeness into familiarity, coldness into warmth, indifference into understanding, a mess into a message, which is true friendships and brotherhood. At BTC I've experienced true and real love..strength..unity..hope..and recovery. No one is ever too lost to be saved by BTCs amazing grace. BTC has become my home away from home....where I am always welcomed with open arms n hearts full of love. I love.. honour. Cherish...and value BTC.Thank you to uncle Manny  for always keeping your doors of BTC open and for being part of my recovery journey seen me at my worse and u still here for me, Salute uncle Manny and you!!!!

Shenaaz. P

Former Addict
My name is Krishan and I'm a drug addict, I believe that no words can describe BTC, it's a place, it's a feeling, and it surely becomes a home to not only myself but many addicts just like me, you have to experience BTC for yourself to know what I'm talking about, whether you are a patient or a patient's family member or even just a visitor, I can bet my recovery on it that you will feel a Godly and homely presence, don't take my word for it come and listen to is addicts  share on our experiences and you will hear in every share how BTC had a role in changing our lives, we can now learn how to live and enjoy life as a recovering addicts, the man who started it all is it's founder, he is our Mentor, our father our role model and we thank him for opening the gates of BTC and the gates to our new lives again,  Thank you Uncle Emmanuel


Krishnan. M

Former Addict
Hi my is Tumi I'm an alcoholic and Addict. I came to BTC a alcoholic but during my stay I realised that whenever drugs were offered to me I did not say no. I came to BTC with no life I was a broken men through the 12 steps program that I was offered I'm now able to face life on life term. I lost my sister during my stay but the love of brother hood that I found in BTC I'm can safely say I'm still today this tragic news happened in 2016. Another significant thing @ is that all patients are treated the same regardless of age, creed, sexual identity or religion. Thank u BTC for saving my soul. I was in the dark I've seen the light my candle is burning in my heart. Grateful to the owner of BTC for giving me a chance again to be become a man I'm was supposed to be.

Tumi. D

I've tried an failed to control my addiction for 22years countless rehabs geographical change religion ect . Towards the end off my addiction I had lost myself my family, time ,materiel thing . Only thing left to lose was my life an that was worth nothing. I was alone in the darkest place that was my addict brain where the abnormal was normal . Needless to say I became an animal a danger to myself my loved ones an society . The most painful thing is I could not stop hurting the ones I loved. The addict I had become had no love for anyone or anything. I watched my two younger brother's fall into the hole of addiction an I could not help them. The miracle that my higher power has worked in my life is truly amazing he put my younger brother's in BTC an they showed me a way into  recovery. BTC has saved our lives with a simple spiritual program of AA and NA. Given to you in away that I believe no other rehab in world does . With LOVE  an TOLERANCE . Uncle Manny spoke about  his  life an I knew that there's power in BTC an the program. What my life is like after BTC is amazing my brother's are clean we have the most amazing love for each other again my family has love an peace again I'm a dad a son a brother a friend  again . I'm an addict today in recovery  because of BTC teaching me to love an that makes me a soldier in life that no matter what lay's ahead the power behind will always be greater!

Sumeshan. D

Former Addict
Hi my name is Joy  a proud mom of 2 kids in recovery. The journey was challenging but amazing. With BTC and Mannie by our side no problem is too big to handle. When I walked into the rooms with my son 3 yrs. and 4 months ago I was a broken mother. Not knowing wat to do or who to run too. The warmth and love I felt that day will live on forever in my soul. The meetings is very encouraging and helped me cope with my own personal issues that I was going through. You only know the peace that BTC gives u when u allow yourself the opportunity. Freedom, peace of mind, love and gratitude is what I have learnt today at BTC. I m no longer a prisoner of my feelings through my children's walk in this journey. I have not achieved all I would have wanted to but I can proudly say my kids are going we have a home my grandsons have their mom sober and clean as well as their uncle. There's nothing in this world that can give a family such joy. BTC reunited me with my kids and my ,2 handsome grandsons. To Mannie the staff the fellowship thank u. This life I live was only made possible by BTC and a man like Manny. He is s dream come true for many parents. heartfelt thanks and gratitude. No amount of words can get express how I feel today as a mother. By the many lost and lonely souls that are saved and reunited. I am humbled with their families at BREAKING THE CHAINS. A home away from home. BTC the best by far. Forever grateful mom.

Joy. G

I am one of the addicts who call BTC their second home or their home away from home. That is because home is not a place but a feeling.
BTC is a place of new beginnings for the like myself matter of fact any addict who walks through the doors of BTC seeking recovery.
BTC reminds me of the South Africa that I would like to be a part of.
At BTC I found brothers from all the different types of racial and socioeconomic backgrounds, some even international, all joined in harmonious action because of our willingness to break free from the chains of addiction. On my admission at BTC I was given a warm welcome and now I realise not for the sake of being polite, but it's because they knew how I was feeling and what I was going through and I think it's because of their experience with helping the thousands of addicts who were just like me. It was a welcome only an addict can understand and appreciate.
My stay at BTC gave me a better grip on reality and even though the stay is quite lengthy somewhere along the line I not only knew it but I felt like I was going was walk out the gates of BTC a much stronger man than I was in active addiction .
Much more importantly I was up to an extent cock sure that I was going to stay clean.
At BTC not only did I learn how to do basic domestic chores but I also learned that I should pride myself in how I do those chores.
The daily program and sessions really do steer the mind into more constructive behaviour patterns.
The morning and evening meetings provide a guidance and support on how to handle recovery. 
For the addict like myself who's every waking thought in active addiction was how to get that first drug for the day and who's addiction not only made me harm myself but also harm the people around me.
If I had to do it again and start my recovery over again, I would still choose to come to  BTC. I wouldn't have it any other way.
I still visit BTC even after my official exit as patient at BTC my relationship with BTC continues to guide me in my recovery. 
I'd like to thank owners of BTC for their expertise in the ability to be able to handle my kind of situation that I put myself in. I came to BTC with a pending court case and BTC stood with me in the firing line.
I came to BTC with a family that had lost all faith, hope and confidence that I would recover or even grow up. 
A family that I was only a burden and an embarrassment to.
Through BTC the miracle of reconciliation was at hand.
The people at BTC have recovered and have been given the power to help others recover. 
People need people and I needed a BTC.

Sbu. D

Former Addict